Spending money

The question arises, “how much money should I plan on spending while we are in London?” Here are some general guidelines to calculate how much you should plan on spending. First, the reality is that London, like New York, is an expensive place to stay.

  1. Plan on spending about $30 a day or more on food (lunch and dinner). If you really try, you can get by for less; and we will talk about how you save money in London. It’s easy to spend more.
  2. Theatre / concerts are going to cost $25-$75 a show (don’t forget half price tickets). Again you can spend more.
  3. Souvenirs / gifts: Totally up to you, but better to plan for spending something
  4. Optional tours: However much your tour(s) cost if you take any.
  5. Other entertainment – your choice

So you will spend at least $350-$400 extra on food. Add to that any gifts, tours, or entertainment you plan to purchase.