Paddington area

Purpose of this post is to single out some points of interest close (as in 15-minute walk) to our hotel. Whiteley’s Shopping Centre and the Westbourne Grove restaurants are closer to 20 minutes walk or a short tube ride. Please feel free to add your comments or questions.

Pride of Paddington sign

Pride of Paddington sign


  • Barclay’s Bank on Spring Street, next to Pride of Paddington on Spring Street at Craven Road
  • NatWest Bank across Spring Street from Pride of Paddington
  • Others in the Paddington Station area, several along Edgeware Road

Restaurants / pubs

Convenience stores / groceries

Other attractions

  • Chilworths Laundry and Dry Cleaning, 32 Chilworth Street, off Gloucester Terrace.
  • Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place.: A hangout for journos, especially foreign correspondents. They have activities including movies, speakers, even dinner.
  • Reload Internet, 197 Praed St.: Internet Bar
  • Whiteley’s Shopping Centre, North of the Bayswater Underground, south of Westbourne Grove, this place is open 08.30-00.00 daily.