Make final preparations

While class convenes at the Rhodes Hotel, 195 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, on May 23, students have only until April 30 to complete all documentation with the Study Abroad office.Pre-departure orientation must be completed AT THE STUDY ABROAD OFFICE during the week of April 15.

Other tasks can be completed online. If you do not have not filed a copy of your passport cover page with your Study Abroad Office application, the SAO will not approve your participation in the London program.

Without a passport, you cannot complete the process of registering with the Study Abroad Office, and that brings us to the second thing you need do – complete ALL application steps (see Fig. 1).

Summer 1 classes: If you plan to take other Summer 1 classes of any kind, you need to contact Dr. Marijane Wernsman directly.

Study Abroad Office Application tasks

Figure 1: All requested material (red text) in this student’s Study Abroad Office application account has been completed and checked off. Some of this is routine, but doing all of it takes time.

Getting clothes and electronics for London: You should review the “First Things” document included in your class folder at the first meeting. Among the things it mentions is a comfortable pair of walking / standing shoes. You need those right away so you can break them in before the trip. You should also take care of credit card issues, electronics supplies, and cell phone arrangements soon as explained in the “Cell phone strategies” and “London survival tips” documents.