Recommendations required

Starting an application for the 2013 London Study Abroad program is not the same as completing the application. There are several pieces to the application, and all must be completed for a student to be considered for the program. Students are asked to complete two short essays online and to secure  recommendations from 2-3 faculty members.

Program Application Screen

Figure 1: Program Application Screen showing some application tasks completed and some not yet finished.

Those who were among the first to apply this fall would not have seen the recommendation request form. Figure 1 shows the Program Application Screen for a student who has yet to request recommendations. Click on the image of the screen to see it full size.

On the application shown in Figure 1, four things are yet to be completed: 1) The Disciplinary Standing Verification, 2) Passport application verification, 3) Assessment of Preparing to Go Abroad, and 4) Recommendation requests.

The first two of these incomplete items are done through simply digitally signing a form online. The Assessment of Preparing to Go Abroad is an online quiz that you must complete in order to check off this box. The last item is completed by identifying 2-3 TTU faculty members whom you ask for a brief online recommendation.

Faculty recommendation request form

Figure 2: Faculty recommendation request form completed by Study Abroad applicant.

You should ask the faculty persons first – either by e-mail if you know the faculty member well or in person if your relationship is more formal. When you provide the faculty person’s information to the online system, it automatically sends an e-mail inviting the faculty member to complete the recommendation and providing a link to the appropriate form.

The form filled out in Figure 2 above produces an e-mail such as that in Figure 3 below, that is sent to the recommending faculty member.

Email sent to faculty

Figure 3: Email sent to faculty as a result of request made to student.