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Applications for the College of Media and Communication’s Study Abroad London program are handled through the university’s Study Abroad Web site. The curriculum is structured as a Texas Tech University faculty-led program taught during the university’s Maymester. Students earn 6 hours of credit by taking two three-hour classes. Much of the study is actually conducted during the Spring Semester in preparation for the trip abroad. The two classes being taught in 2013 are:

  1. MCOM 4000: British Empire and Global Communications  This class examines the social, political, and cultural history of the British people, of the global empire they created, and of London as a media, communications, commercial, learning, entertainment, and cultural center for the world.
  2. ADV 4300: Ads, Brands and Campaigns in the Global Marketplace  This course introduces students to cross-cultural differences in advertising and the challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing advertising campaigns in the global marketplace, with a specific focus on European culture.
London street sign

Street sign in London

Students are accepted into the program through an application process that begins with a formal online application completed at the Study Abroad Office Web site. Once there, sign in through the eRaider link at the upper right portion of the page. Then select “Study Abroad Programs” from the menu at the left; “Faculty-Led Programs” from the choices in the middle, then browse to “Media & Communication Maymester in London.” After you click on the Media and Communication link, read the information on the resulting page, and click on the “Apply for this Program” link. Note: It is important that you first log in through the eRaider link any time you want to do anything related to your application.

Final selection rests with the COMC faculty who review applications, recommendation forms, and conduct interviews with leading candidates. Students who accept positions are then obligated to secure their own passports, complete all Study Abroad Office documents and training, and successfully complete the pre-departure coursework.

Selection process and criteria

Beyond the minimum criteria, there are no hard and fast selection parameters. The minimum criteria are set by the Tech Office of International Affairs and include such things as sophomore standing, 2.5 GPA, and a clean judicial council record. These are spelled out in the online application.

In the interest of creating a diverse yet compatible group, the CoMC Study Abroad Committee looks at such student factors as GPA, position in TTU degree plan, degree major (and minor), short essays on study objectives, online recommendations from faculty selected by applicants, and interview performance by finalists. No single factor (such as GPA) will outweigh any other. The selection committee will review each student’s entire application portfolio.

Application & selection schedule
  • September: Program announced at fall Study Abroad Fair
  • September-October: Faculty and Study Abroad Office determine London field elements and set budget
  • September-November: Students gather information and start application
  • November-January: Program is promoted, students complete applications, interview process begins
  • January-February: Students selected for program and alternates named
  • February: Students are assessed deposit, Lubbock-based classes begin
  • March-May: Classes held on a weekly basis through at least the first  week in May
  • May: Class convenes in London