How to

The Study Abroad London site uses WordPress, so it’s pretty easy to use, and there’s lots of information out there to show you how if you don’t know. This page is intended to offer just a few “quick start” tips for working comfortably in the WordPress environment as it is deployed in our site.

Once you are logged in, you can create a new post by selecting “Add New” under Posts. That brings up dialog shown in Fig. 1. You use the main window for text, images, and other media. The rest of this page notes five things you must pay attention to any time you create a new post.

Web posting dialog

Fig. 1: Important filing options for each Web site post.

First, every post Begins with a headline (1). If this is a personal post and should only be seen by members of the class, then you need to place a check in the “Only accessible by members” box (2).  While you are composing your message, you may want to click on the “Kitchen Sink” icon (if you have not already), which opens a second line of text message formatting tools. Before you publish your post or even save it as a draft (4) you need to select which category to file the story under (5). This should only be one category.

After you have selected the category and are happy with what you have entered into the post, then clicking on “Publish” publishes your story in the Web site.

For help in adding photos to your post, see the page on adding photos to your post.