Promotional documentary

Study Abroad Promotion for 2014 Project

Assignment: Create a documentary video on this year’s London program that can be used next year and in future years (and becomes part of your portfolio) as an information piece and promo for the program. Also create a printed flier or brochure (your choice).

Each “shire” will produce a video and information piece. Students seeking an A or B in the classes will participate at an A or B level both in terms of quantity and quality of material.

Materials/equipment: The finished video product will have titles, voiceovers/ narration, appropriate natural sound, background music as appropriate, interviews / testimonials of participants, and appropriate visuals that may include a mix of slideshows and full motion video. This means participants will need to bring appropriate cameras and sound recording equipment with them on the trip as well as computer(s) to store raw image, video, and audio files.

Personnel (assign within group):

  • Camera persons: Videographers, photographers
  • Sound recorders
  • Writers – script writers and storyboard creators
  • Editors: Video/audio
  • Producers – directors
  • Actors/talent
  • Narrator(s) (voice)
  • Print layout person

Timeline: Needs to be completed by Wednesday, July 3. 2013

Help:   Faculty and staff will be available in Lubbock during the summer. They can help with technical assistance. Access to labs, computers, and sound booths should be no problem, but be sure to call ahead and make arrangements. Ability to store files on line can be arranged, but bandwidth limitations, especially in London may make that solution impractical

Format: Preferred quality of the video / slideshow should be HD. Credits at the end of the video need to name all participants and what their role was in its production. Credit can also be given for exceptional print brochures/fliers.

Special Instructions: Originals of all raw materials (image, video, audio files, text for script and titles, and any layout software docs) MUST be kept intact and turned in along with the finished, edited documentary. 

Grading: Production teams of necessity have many participants. Grades on this project will be a composite of an evaluation of the finished product and evaluation from team members (who did what.)