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As part of the London Study class, you will be expected to contribute to our class Web site. You will start by creating a post in which you introduce yourself to everyone else in the class. The London Study site provides the option for members to create postings that are available only to members. You may want to do this for your personal profile. When you create a new post, there is an option to the right of the post headline, to select “Only accessible by members?” If you click that, and just leave all the options at their default values, only members of the class will be able to view what you have posted.

Create your introduction post

If you have not done so already, please create a new post in which you introduce yourself to the class. Include at least this information:

  1. where you’re from
  2. your major
  3. your career objectives
  4. a representative photo of yourself
  5. a word about your family
  6. your hobbies
  7. your favorite music
  8. your favorite movie(s)
  9. places you’ve lived
  10. places you have traveled
  11. what you hope to get out of the London Study Abroad classes
  12. anything else you deem appropriate

IMPORTANT: When you create the post, make the post accessible only to members, and file it under the “Introductions” category. If you need help creating a post, see the instructions on creating a new post.

Get a Gravatar

If you do not already have a Gravatar, get one. Be sure that you attach the Gravatar to the same e-mail address you have used for this site. Then, whenever you comment on someone else’s post, your Gravatar will be displayed along with your post. You create your Gravatar by going to the Gravatar Web site, setting up an account, and uploading a G-rated picture of yourself (the Gravatar site asks you to rate your picture). Then a thumbnail version of that picture will show up with any comments you make at a Gravatar-enabled Web site. The Gravatar shows up only on comments, not with posts you create (although some Web sites do this). Note: If you are creating a Gravatar for the first time, it often takes an hour or two before the Gravatar shows up.