British Museum

A contender for the title of the world’s greatest museum of human history and culture, the British Museum is home to some 8 million works. From ancient Egyptian mummies and sculpture to originals of historic documents like the Magna Carta (1215 AD), Gutenberg’s Bible (1455), and Shakespeare’s First Folio (1623), the museum houses a priceless collection of artifacts of civilization. It is open to the public.

Some of the more stunning artifacts contained in the museum include monumental works such as Elgin marbles, entire friezes taken from the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. Massive sculptures of Egyptian Pharaohs and Assyrian kings stand as sentinels at the entrances of some of the museum’s great exhibits.

Artifacts of British Museum

In the British Museum in London: This composite image displays two sculptures laid over a photo of an Egyptian papyrus from the Book of the Dead. At left is the “Crouching Venus” from ancient Greece, and at right is a bust of Ramses II.

Artifacts contained within the museum represent treasures from all corners of the British Empire – from Africa, Asia, Australia, India, Persia, Arabia, Tasmania, New Zealand and any other place reached by the Empire.

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