Q: When will I know if I have been selected to take part in the Study Abroad London trip?

A: Finalists will be asked to  go through an interview process in January. Selection announcements will be made typically toward the end of January and first of February.

Q: The application at studyabroad.ttu.edu stated that confirmation by payment would have to be made within 2 weeks of acceptance into the program.  Will the payment be for the entire trip, tuition and all?  Will the payment have financial aid applied to it?

A: This is the kind of thing we go over during our first meetings in February. The short, general answer is that when you are accepted, you are liable for a deposit – not the entire amount. The amount of the deposit is typically 20%-30% of the estimated program cost. For 2013, expect a deposit of about $750, which will show up immediately in your student account. The balance remaining shows up as a charge for the Summer I term. All this is independent of any scholarship money.

Q: I know there will be some meetings during the spring semester. How many meetings, and how important are they?

A: The meetings are crucial. Students typically will be earning 6 hours of credit divided between two classes. Our intent is to get most of the academic study done before we leave for London so that students are prepared for London ahead of time, can enjoy their stay there, and can make good use of the London visits to augment their education and bolster career opportunities. Beginning in February, we meet every week through the first week of May.

Q: Does each student arrange his/her own transportation to London, or are all members of the classes flying as a group?

A: Everyone arranges his/her own air transportation. Some people have expressed interest in lingering in London or moving on to other European nations after the Maymester is over. Some want to arrive in London early. Our arrangement gives you the flexibility to do just that.

Q: How might these two classes fit into my degree plan or help me to graduate?

A: Regardless of your major, you can use one of the classes to count toward your TTU core multi-cultural course requirement. If you are a Media and Communication major, these classes will also fill Group B requirements. Please see Dr. Marijane Wernsman to confirm your degreee audit.  Otherwise, the courses can be university electives used to reach your minimum hours to graduate. Please see your adviser to clarify how these classes might fit into your degree plan.

Q: We stay in double rooms in London. How are roommates assigned?

A: After the selection process is complete and we have had a chance to meet a couple of times, students will have first opportunity to select their own roommates. For those who have not expressed a preference, assignments will be made.

Q: The “Introductions” assignment says we have to get a Gravatar. What is a Gravatar?

A: Strictly speaking, it is an image used to represent you in a wide range of socially enabled Web environments. If you establish an account with gravatar.com (free), you can upload your image. This image is then displayed anytime you make comments at any of the hundreds of thousands of sites that support this feature.